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Server Status Statistics for }{ead-}{unters SPECIAL FORCES Arizona USA
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Insurgent Camp Server IP / Port / 1711
Playercount / Maxplayers 0 / 26
Honor | Min / Max Yes | - / -
Teamscore Alpha / Bravo - / -
Mission time left -
Mission round - / -
Insurgent Camp Tour 10th Mountain Division   10th Mountain Division
Statistics for }{ead-}{unters SPECIAL FORCES Arizona USA
Servername }{ead-}{unters SPECIAL FORCES Arizona USA
Tracking startedApril 9, 2013, 3:46 pm
Last updatedDec 12, 8:59:46
Total players tracked671 players
Total time players played1,528 hours
Total score475,672
Total goal points433,189
Total leader points147,970
Total enemies killed25,210
Total KIA24,792
Total ROE109,667
Average Honor48
Average Fragrate0.73
Average players in the server / Hours of the dayToday Today   Yesterday Yesterday  
Server Statistics for }{ead-}{unters SPECIAL FORCES Arizona USA