DarkRavers Americas Army Tracker b1.30

DarkRaverNL - http://darkraver.net - Concept, Coding & General Design - darkraver[at]draat[dot]net
Balthamos - http://balthamos.awardspace.com - Coding
Crunk - http://ak4clan.net - Graphics, Language Support
Sjors Rijsdam - http://rijsdam.nl - MySQL & PHP Support
Americas Army 2.5 Related
2.5 Assist - http://25assist.com
AAOMac - http://aaomac.com
MacGameNet - http://macgamenet.com
BattleTek Squad - http://battleteksquad.com
Do Not and Friends Group - http://www.dnafgroup.com
phpBB drAAT Server Viewer - http://draat.net/pub/phpBBdraat_serverviewer.zip (phpBBdrSV)
TeamSpeex - http://draat.net/pub/TeamSpeex-1.0beta2.dmg (Mac)
Americas Army Hotfix 2.5.0 to 2.5.0a - http://draat.net/pub/americasarmymacosx250to250a.dmg (Mac)
Forward Observer Launcher X - http://draat.net/pub/ForwardObserverLauncherX.zip (Mac)
AAO URL Setup - http://draat.net/pub/aaourl-setup.exe (Win)

I am not the owner of any of the linked files (except the phpbb drAAT Server Viewer) above, therefor i cannot be held responsible for any damage these files might do, download at your own risk. Webmasters do not link these files directly, your host will be blocked asap.
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