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Battle keep Information
Clan name:Battle keep
Clan website:http://battlekeep.tk/
Clan tag:[BK]
Clan leader:[BK]jabk__bk
Members in this clan:8
Clan members
Name Honor Score Goals Leader Enemy KIA ROE FR
draat   [BK]Cpt_villalo 70123,087125,789 19,3305,1905,21721,762 0.99
draat   [BK]Bermeo2 5612,34212,180 3,7655246642,203 0.78
draat   [BK]jabk_bk 4949,992106,413 6,7003,2994,94246,691 0.66
draat   (BK)elcastigador69^ 4878,54687,137 15,4704,6284,73522,991 0.97
draat   [BK]piter81 303,0705,729 -101282831,099 0.45
draat   [BK]sabk_bk 2711,90024,421 4104091,3753,271 0.29
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Clan scores
Total Average
Score points278,93734,868
Goal points361,66945,209
Leader points45,6655,709
Enemies killed14,1781,773
Honor -35
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