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Brothers of Anarchy Information
Clan name:Brothers of Anarchy
Clan website:http://www.boa-clan.com
Clan tag:-=BoA=-
Clan leader:This is Anarchy!
Members in this clan:5
Clan members
Name Honor Score Goals Leader Enemy KIA ROE FR
draat   -=BoA=-Wisper7 81123,752149,528 28,2105,9174,49268,236 1.31
draat   -=BoA=-Korn_Child 80194,194236,688 26,8508,5927,60979,174 1.12
draat   -=BoA=-NOOB-ON-HEAT 7849,70264,182 5,5802,0321,79822,400 1.13
draat   -=BoA=-Defendaprods 76158,429159,667 38,9404,4603,37151,068 1.32
draat   -=BoA=-[KKGK] 7082,23386,214 11,4801,7782,24510,791 0.79
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Clan scores
Total Average
Score points608,310121,662
Goal points696,279139,256
Leader points111,06022,212
Enemies killed22,7794,556
Honor -77
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