DarkRavers Americas Army Tracker b1.30

Welcome to DRAAT, DarkRavers America's Army Tracker. DRAAT is a America's Army game tracker that tracks scores for every player in version 2.5 without any registration required by the players, everyone that plays on the listed servers is tracked by our system, we track advanced statistics such as Sessions and Mapstatistics for each player.

DRAAT tracker only tracks version 2.5.0 America's Army servers that have PunkBuster enabled, Honor and Non-Honor servers.

For the instant Join buttons you will need either "Forward Observer Launcher X" installed, this program is for Mac OS X users, or "AAO-URL-setup.exe" installed for Windows, both these programs can be found in the Downloads section on the links page, if you have problems using these programs please read this topic.

All times used are the default of our system but you can setup your time zone here !

If you have any feedback, comments, bugs or questions please post them in our forum, registering is free.

DRAAT is currently in beta version 1.30.

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more news...
Updates, Beta 1.30
- Full Map Statistic tracking, and new player profile layout.
- Statsignatures beta, player profiles have a new section where you can preview and copy & paste include code for Forums and HTML sites.
- Buddylist now available, register or login to the forum to start adding your friends now!
- Beta release updated design and new functions.

more updates...
Upcoming Features
- I dunno, im too busy to make new features lolz.
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